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Introduction » Liquid ELECTRA PG60/VG40 » E-liquid ELECTRA 2Pack Grape 2x10ml - 0mg


E-liquid ELECTRA 2Pack Grape 2x10ml - 0mg


Product no.: LIQ-ELE-2P-GRAPE-10-0
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The refill was created as a result of careful research and testing of the composition of individual ingredients. The contents and their mutual ratio, in such a way that the user gains the maximum sensorial satisfaction (placebo effect), and as the case may be also satisfaction of their nicotine deficit.

The base consists of propylen glycol and food grade glycerin. Tha base is enriched with a precisely defined amount of nicotine which is checked by means of analysis perfomed by an independent chemical laboratory accredited for standard operating procedure for determination of nicotine levels in each batch.

The mixture is futher enriched with aromatic substances to enhance the user´s smoking experience, this beeing food or medical quality aromas.

Depending on the formula the mixture may also contain a small percentage of water, alcohol and organic acids.

All of these ingredients meet strick health safety criteria. Each batch of our product – ELECTRA is tested and produced from the finest ingredients available.