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Introduction » Liquid ECOLIQUID PG60/VG40 » E-liquid Ecoliquid Premium 2Pack Strawberry Kiwi 2x10ml - 6mg


E-liquid Ecoliquid Premium 2Pack Strawberry Kiwi 2x10ml - 6mg

Fruit cocktail made of strawberries and kiwi


Product no.: LIQ-ECO2-STRWKIWI-10-6
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Czech ECOLIQUID is among a handful of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, which comes directly from the Czech Republic. It is characterized by its balanced, honed to perfection flavor using high-quality ingredients.

The best of the forest in the form of ripe blueberries. Enjoy juicy fruit with ECOLIQUID Blueberry.

Due to its composition, it is suitable for smaller clearomizers and tanks, which require a thinner e-liquid for the correct distribution to the cotton. Ideal for mouth to lung vaping.

ECOLIQUID e-liquids are available in the standard 10ml bottles. The ratio of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) is 40:60. Also available is a wide range of flavors from classic tobacco, fruit, to the less traditional ones.

Each batch of e-liquid is also always tested by an independent laboratory in the Czech Republic, so you're always guaranteed that your favorite e-liquid does not contain any harmful substances and has just as much nicotine as shown on the packaging.

ECOLIQUID e-liquids were developed as a result of careful research and testing, the composition of ingredients, ie content and their ratio, so that there was a maximum sensory satisfaction for users (placebo effect), or even nicotine satisfaction deficit.

The base consists of monopropylen glycol and food-grade glycerine. The base is enriched with precisely defined amount of nicotine that is on each batch verified by an independent chemical analysis laboratory working under applicable accreditation in standard operating procedure for the determination of nicotine.

For taste and smell of the user experience the e-liquid is further enriched with a mixture of aromatic substances, these are the food quality or medical quality flavors. Depending on the recipe, the composition may also contain a smaller percentage of water, alcohol and organic acids.

All these ingredients meet strict hygiene criteria. Each batch of our product - ECOLIQUID is tested and made from the finest ingredients.

Each refill ECOLIQUID is in a vial with child safety lock to prevent accidental spillage or its opening.